Tyler Franklin (marshmallowyme) wrote,
Tyler Franklin

Mary Kate! Mary Kate!

I figured out all the details. Check it. The Crown Royal Festival, Thursday May 4th. Churchill Downs, it's a bunch of horse races, the day before the Oaks. It only costs $2 to get in. Inbetween races, down on the field, musical entertainment by Better Than Ezra and The Violent Femmes. How freakin sweet is that! I mean, the past two times I saw Violent Femmes it was free, so it's gonna take me a while to come to terms with paying all that money to see them, and the past two shows Better Than Ezra has played here at Fourth Street Live were free too... But ya know, I think I might start saving up now and swing it. The only problem is that it's on a school day, and the festivities begin at noon. It'll be a white day, if you wanna skip and go early, or you can just wait until after school. We're off the next day, so it doesn't really matter how late it goes. Just lemme know what you wanna do, and I can take the car to school that day and provide rides if you wanna go after school or cut, it's up to you.
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