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Signing Out ('Till the Next Time)

Why do I feel like when I post here I'm talking to ghosts? I feel as if I'm writing a letter to a dead person. I suppose it's because I don't know anyone who uses this anymore. I look at my friends page when I'm depressed, and it's dozens upon dozens of entries in the community for Depression that I've joined sandwiching an entry from a girl that I haven't spoken to since middle school. She's the only one of my real friends that pops up here, the rest are just random members of a community.

I guess that's why I'm moving my blogging back over to Myspace. I tried the Livejournal thing again for a while, and I liked it. It was more discreet, like I was leaving little notes around the house instead of posting a sign on my front door. Of course, most of my entries over the past few months have been in the Depression community and not in my journal, but still... Now is not a time for me to scribble down my thoughts and feelings and hide them where I know no one will ever look. Now is a time to wear them on my sleeve, so that every friend that approaches me with a handshake will know exactly where I'm standing. I don't really know anyone who reads Myspace blogs either really, the only person that did has since been deleted from my friends list, but I'm not as desperate for attention to post on Facebook. Everyone checks Facebook, and I'm not trying to shout into anyone's face. Myspace may be more public than Livejournal, but it's still more discreet than Facebook.

All that being said, it's time for me to sign off. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! 'Till the next time I need a place to let out my emotions while still keeping them private, au revoir!
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