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Today was pretty much the bestest day ever. I drove Meagan to school, but not after eating McDonalds with her (sorry MK, her request)/ First period, aced a precalc test, second period, slept in study hall, third period, had Mr. Cook for german, fourth period, bombed a Fred test in 20 minutes and then slept the rest of the time. Oh, and I had a balloon. A balloon that I loved more than any other inanimate object in the past month probably. It was such a lovely balloon, not to sound silly, but I really bonded with it.... Anywho, after school I took Alaina and Meagan and went to Max and Erma's to eat and had a lovely ol' time. Then I dropped Meagan off at Steak N Shake while Alaina and I went to Gamestop. Went back to Steak N Shake to get Meg and got to see Brian in his uber geeky uniform. Check it, ain't he cute?

Went to Half Price Books and found three amazing deals. The Count of Monte Cristo movie was on the clearance bin, so I picked that up for four bucks. Phantom of Inferno, which is a really interest choose-your-own-adventure anime of sorts that I've wanted for about three years they had brand ne for 6 bucks. Which is amazing, cuz the cheapest I've ever seen it is used at B&ME for 20 bucks. So I got those, and I got Alex Garland's The Beach for only three bucks. So, two movies and a book for about 13 bucks, you can't beat that. Sooo, then we took Alaina back to her house, got to show Meagan her room and little sister Isabelle. Then we visited her stables and saw her 2.5 horses, which was pretty sweet. And her mom asked us if we had read that one book that she's raising hell about, and when we said no she was like "Good... It's an evil, evil book.." and I guffawed on the inside. Afterwards Meg and I drove to my house and partied over here, partied over there, etc etc etc. Then I drove her home and came back, and here I am! Yay! I'm sure that didn't sound as fun as it was to you, but I know it was amazing, and Meagan knows it was amazing, and Alaina knows at least half of it was amazing, so that pretty much makes it amazing.

<3's for Meagan and Alaina. Aw hell, I'm in a good mood, <3's all around! 

Maaann, The Streets have been added to Bonnaroo. That's a biiiigg plus for Bonnaroo.

Anyone who likes jazz, Todd Hildreth, or accordions, should come to Air Devil's Inn on April 7th, that's the Friday of Spring Break. Squeeze-Bot, Brigid Kaelin, and Fire the Saddle are playing. Should be fuuunn.

There's a student radio station in Bloomington Indiana that's putting on a little festival on April 8th. The WIUX Culture Shock features Everything Now!, Jacob, Mysteries of Life, Julian of the Spirits, Big Big Car, Violincs, Mustache!, Alex Clark, The Impossible Shapes, Koufax, and most importantly, Jackie-O Motherfucker featuring Burning Star Core, The Merediths, and Harry and the Potters. I might be going with Evan, so anyone interested should lemme know. But if you're not into Wizard Rock or student radio, KT Tunstall is also playing Headliners with David Ford. I'll probably go to that if I don't go to Bloomington. Or, ya know, Slow Break is playing Old Louisville Coffee with The Spectacular Fantastic, and Slow Break rocks my socks off hardcore.

Not a big fan of either bands, but if anyone wants to go see Follow the Train or Second Story Man they're playing Ear X-tacy on April 11th and I might go after school.

Neon Sun has their first show in about half a year coming up. April 21st, a Friday, at Spaulding University. Not much else is known because the members of Neon Sun are complete fucktards.

I can't wait for Waterfront Wednesday... Duncan Sheik, Robinella, and Martin Sexton, April 26th...

It hasn't been announced by either the band or the venue yet, but cuz I'm cool I know that The Merediths are playing at The Rud on May 19th with Venice is Sinking.

Another great show at Headliners, Elefant with Sound Team and Aberdeen City. May 20th.

The Walkmen are playing Headliners on June 24th, that's nothing new. But what was just announced today is the support, Instant Camera and Richard Swift. I loooove me some Instant Camera.

Said before, Bill Maher, July 9th...

Your Black Star is playing another show at Headliners, again with Cabin opening. Shuttlecock is playing too, it's on July 29th. I will not miss them this time, even though they are on the same day as Warped in Indianapolis and the last day of Forecastle... Well, we'll see...

Anywho, the big news, the real reason I'm writing this concert stuff, is because The Flaming Lips have announced a mysterious festival. They won't say anything other than it's a festival, and no one else anywhere has mentioned it, but they did say they were playing the Blossom Music Center, the place were I saw Curiosa and Projekt Revolution up in Cuyahoga Falls, with Wolfmother, Sonic Youth, Death Cab, and plenty more. Of course, Cuyahoga is a faaarr way away, but.... It's just the day before Lollapalooza, which means I'll be driving far away anyway..... We'll see.....

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